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December 26, 2017

Open innovation requires new strategies to creating and managing IP.  Presently, many companies and universities offer rewards to their inventors for filed patent applications and granted patents.  Chesbrough "Open Innovation" provides an informal survey regarding the reward systems of several technology companies.

Note that Chesbrough's informal survey may be dated, and that the responses may not necessarily reflect company-wide policies.  The survey provides some insight nonetheless.

Interestingly, some companies like HP incentivize the filing...

November 16, 2017

This post is from a series on Open Innovation.  For more information, please click the "Open Innovation" Tag.  I recommend reading the posts in chronological order.

I previously wrote about how companies with closed innovation paradigms are forced to shift to open innovation models due to certain erosion factors. 

To illustrate this point, Chesbrough points out that the number of patents held by individuals and small firms rose from about 5 percent in 1970 to more than 20 percent in 1992.

More recently, a 2008 study by the SBA's Office of...

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