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Empowering the Physician Inventor

In addition to working with large medical device manufacturers, we have also supported many physician entrepreneurs.  We believe that some of the most important advances in medical devices come from doctors themselves.  Over the years, we have worked with cardiologists, radiologists, orthopedists, dermatologists, neurosurgeons, podiatrists, and many others.

We start by learning about the problems and the shortcomings of conventional devices and methods.  We then focus on the improvements of your new medical device, and devise an IP strategy that protects the most important elements through utility and design patents, trademarks, copyright and/or trade secrets.  From your sketches and prototypes, we draft one or more robust patent applications to begin building the strongest patent portfolio possible in targeted jurisdictions.  We serve as partners, opening our network and making key introductions where possible.  We also partner with like-minded organizations, such as MedTech Innovator, and the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE), to put our physician clients in the best position to succeed.  We know what it takes to succeed as we regularly judge medical device pitch events and provide valuable feedback.


We are experienced in medical device due diligence, and know how to construct an IP portfolio that will be attractive to device manufacturers.  Finally, while many firms claim to be competent with medical devices, there are unique challenges for the physician entrepreneur.  Our experience will guide you through jurisdictional legal nuances, and the interplay between the USPTO and the FDA.  We efficiently advance prosecution and offer valuable insight from the first sketch on a napkin to the last device on the market.


For more information, please contact Peter.



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