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Cassidy is a Paralegal with the firm. Cassidy came to Sleman & Lund with 5+ years of experience in Intellectual Property (IP) law. Her responsibilities are centered around patent prosecution and maintenance, which includes everything from file setup to issuance. Cassidy communicates with a wide variety of clients and has extensive knowledge of domestic and international filing requirements. Thus, making her proficient in preparing all necessary IP related documents for electronic filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


B.A. Grand Valley State University


Rachel joined Sleman & Lund LLP in 2022 and has over ten years of paralegal experience in intellectual property law. She handles domestic and foreign matters for one of the firm's major clients, including the preparation and filing of patent prosecution documents, communication with foreign associates, and client portfolio reporting.



B.A., John Carroll University

Paralegal Certificate, American Institute for Paralegal Studies



Terrell Turner manages the firm's financial records. He plays a pivotal role in maintaining accurate financial records, ensuring compliance, and facilitating smooth operations. With his expertise, the firm can focus on providing exceptional legal services while trusting the financial aspects to be in capable hands.


Lola is an experienced accountant and an integral part of the firm's accounting team.  She manages and prepares monthly reports, and ensures accurate trust accounts.

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