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Patent Attorney Practices

A successful IP strategy has many techniques cooperating so that the sum is greater than the parts.  Our attorneys can help navigate the often-complex world of IP law.


We have obtained hundreds of patents for our clients, small and large.  Whether you are interested in obtaining a single patent, or a portfolio of hundreds, we know that a thoughtful approach to patent preparation and prosecution creates value.  Our attorneys are technically trained in various disciplines and experts in medical devices and computer software.  We use the latest technology so that work is completed efficiently and ahead of schedule. We give you a reasonable estimate and we stick to it.



Let's put together a robust IP approach that makes sense in view of your business.  We can help you analyze complex situations, set goals and obtain the right mix of IP protections.  By understanding your business, we can help create strong protection for your brand, and your business practices.



Copyright law has become much more complex in the age of SOPA and DMCA.  Our attorneys can help protect your creative expression and assess risk.  We are specifically adept at examining the fair use doctrine.



Intellectual Property may be the key driver in a merger or acquisition, or just an ancillary consideration.  We can study IP portfolios and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  Our investigation will help you better understand the value of the assets in question.



Patent searching is as much as an art as a science.  Many people do not understand the limitations of keyword searches and have a difficult time finding relevant results.  This is why clients turn to us to help with patent searching.  Whether they wish to evaluate the patentability of an invention, to find relevant prior art that can be used against competitors in a third-party submission or to understand the general patent landscape in a specific field, our attorneys are skilled and experienced at uncovering the most relevant search results.  We also perform competitor portfolio monitoring, acting as our clients' eyes and ears to keep them abreast of the newest trends.



We are here to advise.  Whether you are looking for freedom to operate, or need an invalidity or noninfringement opinion, we provide guidance and clarity.  We can help you make intelligent, informed decisions by uncovering risks and potential benefits.



We have the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to advise clients on licensing and negotiations. We are problem solvers who see the big picture and provide creative solutions.



Let's have a conversation about your business and your goals at one of our New Jersey or California offices.  We can tailor an intellectual property plan that suits your needs and works within your budget.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients to protect their investment and guide their business.

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