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Stephen M. Lund


(908) 955-3301



Stephen has collaborated with all manners of clients–from seed-stage startups to long-established Fortune 100 companies–in every stage of the patent and trademark processes.  Rather than seek IP for IP's sake, he understands that every business situation demands a unique analysis.  A strategy to maximize the value of IP for a startup requires an approach that may be wholly different than that for a company with years of proven commercial success.  With that in mind, Stephen's first objective is to help each client refine a clear IP strategy aligned with short and long-term business goals.


After determining a suitable strategy, one of the first steps is often applying for IP protection.  When it comes to drafting patent applications, Stephen has a knack for taking highly technical concepts and explaining them in clear and concise terms, all the while keeping in mind that patent drafting requires a constant eye for different audiences: technicians, patent examiners, judges, and even juries.  Stephen's experience in patent prosecution, reexamination proceedings, inter partes review ("IPR") proceedings, European opposition proceedings, and litigation allows him to posture each application to maximize the likelihood of obtaining valuable patent protection and to help safeguard the patent from any challenges it might face down the road. But obtaining patents is only one aspect of Stephen's practice.  He has significant experience with trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, all of which must be considered in an effective and well-rounded IP strategy.  And although acquiring strong protection may be an important part of any IP strategy, Stephen understands that the adage "the best offense is a good defense" often holds true in matters of IP.  He has thousands of hours of experience searching, evaluating, and opining on competitors' IP rights in view of clients' commercial activities.


Although Stephen’s practice has included a broad array of technologies, his experience and passion have largely focused on the medical device arena.  Both professionally and academically, Stephen has spent countless hours reading about, writing about, analyzing and understanding the importance of medical technology, from artificial heart valves to joint replacements and “smart” prosthetic limbs.  At Cornell University, he received a bachelor's degree in biological and environmental engineering where he conducted research aimed at producing a new biologic vehicle for delivering genetic payloads to mammalian cells.  Stephen continued his studies at Cornell where, while obtaining a master's degree in biomedical engineering, he initiated a multi-year project developing a novel gel polymer system with applications ranging from use in contact lenses to platforms for tissue regrowth.  His interest in patent matters arising in this project led him to concentrate his legal studies in IP law at Drexel University where he graduated first in his class.


2011, New Jersey

2012, New York 

2009, United States Patent and Trademark Office


J.D., summa cum laude, Drexel University School of Law, 2011

M. Eng., Cornell University, Biomedical Eng., 2008

B.S., Cornell University, Biological and Environmental Eng., 2007

Medical Devices

Mechanical Devices

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