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SUTUREGARD's mission is to make wound closure easier for surgeons and better for patients.  To achieve this mission, SUTUREGARD has been on the cusp of innovation with products like the HEMIGARD® Adhesive Suture Retention Device (ASRD).  The HEMIGARD® ASRD has two identical adhesive strips, each with a high-stiffness zone closer to the wound edge and a low-stiffness zone at the trailing edge to prevent shear injury and blistering.

SUTUREGARD was selected to the 2022 MedTech Innovator cohort of 2022, an honor that is extended to less than 5% of applicants.  More information may be found at

"We have been with Sleman & Lund LLP for over 5 years and they have advised us from no granted patents to our present IP portfolio. Having tried other firms in the past, we appreciated their attention to our needs at a time when resources were tight. I recommend this firm highly--especially to other startups in the MedTech space."

Bill Lear, CEO of Suturegard


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